About Gustavo Trujillo

The spirit of the city of New Orleans is like its famous Mardi Gras and Jazz music. It is a blending of various influences, sassy, colorful, and vibrant with life. Gustavo Trujillo captures the city's spirit in his paintings with his colorful, textured and rhythmic style.

Gustvo's passion for color sets him apart. His paintings with color exploding from every canvas call out to you, "Take me home!" The mastery of his technique, the way he uses the palette knife and the artful designs are simply irresistible to the eye.

"As early as the age of five, I began my artistry on the walls of my native home in Bogota, Colombia. I would ask my mother for paint to create designs on the walls with the colors of the Colombian flag; yellow, blue and red. At the age of twenty-seven, I immigrated to New Orleans. I commenced my studies at the New Orleans Academy of Fine Arts, and it was there that I realized I could pursue a career as an artist. Along with my use of vibrant and intense color, I enjoy painting with a palette knife for its textural and rhythmic effects. Color is my passion, and the palette knife is like an extension of my soul."

He has worked in all mediums from pastels, watercolors, oils, to his favorite and current medium, acrylics. He readily finds inspiration in Van Gogh's impressionism. Gustavo has produced many paintings for art lovers all over the country and abroad. When he is not working from his studio, he can be found displaying his most current work at Jackson Square in the historic French Quarter of New Orleans.